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Full Life-Cycle Implementations

We work closely with our customers to effectively deploy Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence Solutions in addition to developing customized applications and interfaces as needed:

  • Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence Solution Selection: We help our customers make high-value long-term IT investments in scalable, flexible systems by choosing best-of-breed enterprise applications, with off-the-shelf functionality to suit current and future business requirements.
  • Implementation: We help our customers customize their enterprise EPM / BI applications to meet their unique business requirements.
  • Integration: We help integrate different applications in the enterprise IT landscape by creating Interfaces with other applications, and deploying these solutions.
  • Enhancements: We continue to help clients improve current EPM / BI applications to meet new business requirements. We advise our customers about potential enhancements including re-designing business process to improve results, updating screens, reports, and application logic, as well as deploying new EP / BI functionality modules.
  • Upgrades: In the ever-changing business environment, technology and product suppliers regularly introduce new versions to provide additional functionality or improve current business processes. We advise customers on the need to upgrade and, if required, ensure a smooth transition to the new version.
  • Application support: To keep businesses running smoothly, we help customers run their EPM / BI applications using stringent SLAs to help ensure performance. We have the experience to run distributed installations and skilled teams to support day to day operations.
  • Production support: We offer full production support services for EPM / BI applications and perform various tasks such as system and database monitoring for performance, health checks, patch upgrades, root cause identification and analysis, which enables customers to run their business efficiently.
  • Development: When Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence Solution implementations require custom interfaces to link into existing applications or to extend reach and improve performance, our highly skilled team can provide the development support needed to build and deploy the additional solutions needed.

Health Checks / Assessments

In today’s fast paced business environment, technology solutions are critical in our decision making. It is important that these systems are operating efficiently and are stable. There are many factors that can affect technical solutions reliability and performance over time. Server architecture, hardware and server configurations are just a few of the factors that can have a significant impact on the performance and stability of your solution. If you have ever experienced slow performance from your optimization system due to improper configuration of your database, you are aware of the problem and how crippling it can become.

Our experts recognize the challenges that organizations face in maintaining their systems to maximize optimization performance. By closely assessing and accurately diagnosing system issues, Trio Consulting Group can help organizations better maintain their implementations in the long run. As a result of periodic health checks, organizations will ensure that their optimization solutions are able to perform at the highest levels possible.

During a system health check our experts will examine the following items in addition to interviewing key users to better understand existing usage patterns.

  • System architecture
  • Hardware and software environments
  • Server configurations
  • Database server settings and configuration
  • Logs
  • User profiles
  • Load balancing
  • Operating Systems
  • Load time
  • Response time
  • Other relevant factors

System Road Maps

What exactly is a successful system roadmap? If designed correctly, a successful roadmap should provide the ability to link any project or activity back through this logical structure to understand how the project or activity ultimately contributes to the achievement of the roadmap goals. Simply writing a roadmap is not enough — the true measure of success is whether or not the roadmap is implemented and achieves the organization’s desired outcome.

A successful roadmap contains a clear statement of the desired outcome followed by a specific pathway for reaching it. This pathway should include the following components:

  • Goals: a clear and concise set of targets that, if achieved, will result in the desired outcome; quantified goals (e.g. “improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings by 25% in ten years”) provide the most specific guidance.
  • Milestones: the interim performance targets for achieving the goals, pegged to specific dates (e.g. “improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings by 2% per year during the next five years without slowing economic growth”).
  • Gaps and barriers: a list of any potential gaps in knowledge, technology limitations, market structural barriers, regulatory limitations, public acceptance or other barriers to achieving the goals and milestones.
  • Action items: actions that can be taken to overcome any gaps or barriers that stand in the way of achieving the goals; typical solution actions include technology development and deployment, development of regulations and standards, policy formulation, creation of financing mechanisms, and public engagement.
  • Priorities and timelines: a list of the most important actions that need to be taken in order to achieve the goals and the time frames, taking into account interconnections among those actions and stakeholder roles and relationships.

Trio Consulting Group has years of experience successfully helping our clients navigate the road mapping process. Through a tried and proven road mapping methodology, Trio Consulting Group can help your organization establish a system roadmap that allows your organization to act more strategically in your area and benefit the business holistically with new investments. Let us help you pave the road to success.

Infrastructure Services – Installations, Upgrades, Migrations

Is your system coming to end of life, are you several releases behind, ben told by the vendor you have to upgrade or are you looking to make a change with your Enterprise Performance Management or Business Intelligence platforms?

Trio Consulting Group has as infrastructure team that focuses on Installations, Upgrades and Migrations for Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence products.

Our Infrastructure experts have years of experience installing, patching, upgrading and maintaining these platforms on numerous operating systems and architectures. This experience uniquely qualifies our team of highly qualified engineers to not only diagnose issues and take corrective measure, but they can also suggest you best practices to improve the performance and increase the life of your product.

While planning installations, upgrades and migrations, Trio Consulting Group experts keep in mind that business has to continue so we work to implement strategies that minimize downtime and maximize uptime. Trio Consulting Group will always provide detailed infrastructure documentation as part of the turnover and will work with your IT group to ensure a smooth handoff.

Let us help you get your environment to where it should be.

Technical Project Management

Trio Consulting Group has many successful Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence projects and satisfied customers that will attest to our project management capabilities. Our project managers bring a significant amount of technical IT experience to bear on a project that translates into important technical contributions and oversight to Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management projects.

Trio Consulting Group specializes in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management projects. We have developed a standard project management approach that will leverage our extensive project management experience to coordinate the activities of our internal resources with the activities of all contributing project team members. The TCG project management methodology includes a structured, consistent approach to managing technical project implementation management initiative through all project stages.

Our project management methodology provides a method and framework to monitor and control the project from kick-off through implementation. We ensure there is a solid communication plan and quality assurance process in place that will enable project visibility and guidance to stakeholders throughout the effort

Custom Training

Trio Consulting Group has a dedicated training group that can meet your unique training requirements. From out of the box canned training courses to highly customized training courses using your own environment and data, our trainers will work with you to identify the right approach and curriculum to train your workforce.

We understand that every organization has unique needs from time commitments and geographic commitments so we offer On Site Training, Off Site Training and Online Training.

Contact us today to talk about or Training Offerings.

System Administration Support

We have years of experience in managing Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence environments. We know these software modules like the back of our hand. Regularly reviewing and configuring your Enterprise Performance Management or Business Intelligence system to your organization's unique needs is an important aspect for maintaining efficiency and effectiveness. We can help you manage your company's specific configuration - from staying abreast of new features and updates to taking control of day-to-day system maintenance.

Let us help.